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Our iteam


Our Teachers nurture children’s curiosity by encouraging them to participate in a variety of activities, make independent choices, and find creative solutions to problems, while creating partnerships with families that support their development and learning.


Lead Team 


Our Administrative personnel is involved in every aspect of learning, providing the teachers the necessary support that will allow them to offer the best service to children and parents while promoting teamwork and providing superior customer service.


Our Children


Children are the inspiration of our imagination


A day in the playroom


Children benefit from a consistent daily schedule, well structured, energetic and exciting experiences which allows them to predict the sequence of events in their day so they can feel more secure and at ease during their stay at the imagination factory. Each Playroom has their own daily schedule that is flexible and permits spontaneity which accommodates the necessities each age group. 


The routine changes when  MUSIC, GYM and TECHNOLOGY  have an extra place in the schedule.


Creative gallery   


An expression of children's imagination


Imagination Boutique


Children apparel


Our Parents


Our parents are a very special asset to the imagination family and we consider them part of our team.


Parent involvement


We encourage our parents to volunteer in their child’s playroom through different activities and participate in the imagination experience enriching the lives of our center and providing invaluable support to the learning process.


iFamily account


iFamiy account is a secure, password protected dashboard, where parents will find information, news, announcements, playroom sites, menus, calendars, and much more.

The imagination family is shaped by our amazing team, our invaluable parents and our enthusiastic children.




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