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Play Think & Build Workshop

designed to encourage the love for Math and promote creative thinkers.


Children learn best through everyday experiences when applying math concepts to real life situations. During creative hands on projects and while playing with manipulative resources children are developing logic, problem solving, spatial awareness and concentration skills to form the building blocks for future mathematical thinking.


We've created two learning centers to make math a fun, positive, and meaningful experience: ThinkMath & BuildBlocks


Play Imagine & Express Workshop

designed to inspire both the desire and ability to communicate and the interest to be immerse in the Imaginary Play.


Children learn to use language effectively and creatively while they are experiencing different points of views, looking for solutions, and discussing ideas. This workshop it is an outlet for the fullness of children’s creativity and imagination and it is an absolutely critical part of their development.


We've created two learning centers that allow children to explore imagination, develop language and social skills and safely investigate the world beyond: ImagineRolePlay & ExpressLiteracy


Play Discover & Create Workshop

designed to generate exploration and new adventures in the world around and expand children's artistic senses


Children are always enthusiastic to explore topics that are relevant to their everyday lives and they have an eager interest in the earth, the natural environment, new cultures and everything that connects with it. In this workshop children will discover the world that surrounds them and they will create things that will make that world more beautiful.


We've created two learning centers to incorporate multi-sensory experiences and endless opportunities to explore, make and learn: DiscoverScience & CreateArt


Play In Motion Workshop

designed to enhance children's motor development through different indoor and outdoor activities


Children need lots of opportunities for physical activity, both for good health and for skill-building. Children are in constant movement and they learn about their body and how it works with opportunity to touch, pull, grab, climb, slide, dance, tap, march and interact with the world around them while they are exercising their muscles. Play in Motion it’s develop through different experiences building up children's motor skills.


There are two areas involved in this workshop called: InAction & InHarmony


Loving Play Workshop

designed to enrich children's social-emotional development in very aspect of play


During their early days children are building their personalities and learning social behaviors. Loving relationships give young children a sense of comfort, safety and confidence. We understand that it’s important to create a positive setting, where the teacher responds to the child’s needs and takes interest in what they do, demonstrates how to communicate emotions, and explains how to deal with challenges. We use every experience as a way to learn positive manners like being polite, sharing things and taking turns  and to set boundaries in a loving and healthy environment This workshop will complement our three main play workshops, through different activities during the day that will help enhance the child’s security, autonomy, self-esteem, collaborative attitude and more.


There are two special places in the classroom design to accompany the child’s social development:


Today’s world is demanding a different style of education. With imagination we want to make the difference. We seek to provide opportunities to play and explore in a unique environment that encourages and motivates our children to think, discover, create, imagine, perform, express and build respecting their needs, interests and fostering their strengths. Following the Standards of National Association for Young Children and with the support of the Creative Curriculum we've created a fresh concept of early childhood curriculum: Our creative workshops. 

Play is the unique and magical way children will learn about themselves, their environment, people and the world around them.




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