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Why imagination

A Family Working For Families. 


More than 70 years of experience abroad with innovative practices reflects our expertise and deep understanding of how children get inspired and motivated to learn in a positive and flexible environment.  


Happy Teachers, Happy Children.

We inspire our team members and we care about them making sure their needs are met in a stimulating workplace that fulfills everybody's expectations. Happy teachers love their job and it shows when they provide energetic and positive experiences to their children.


Making The Difference.

We have a place where children can be and feel safe. Providing a clean, secure and healthy environment it is something every center should offer. But providing over that a flexible and challenging environment with a new dynamic of learning, give us an exclusive way to expand creative experiences and support our pedagogical practices


Going The Extra Mile.

We offer more to our families. Delivering outstanding customer service is an expression of an internal value where attention to detail, individual and flexible solutions, and the extra effort to give more than expect, create a unique and superior customer experience.


Communication Matters.

We have an open door policy that promotes effective communication. Building a significant connection with our families is extremely important for a successful partnership that assures all children's needs are met making the classroom a continuation of home.


A multicultural experience.

We embrace and celebrate diversity. Bringing together different cultural backgrounds it is a great opportunity to promote multicultural awareness and to build new relations based on trust and mutual respect.


Inspiring Creativity That Lasts.

We have the commitment. Since, one of the most amazing gifts of childhood is the ability to dream, imagine and play with new ideas and possibilities, we foster to think outside the boundaries of the ordinary to make a lasting and sustainable contribution to our children's learning future.


Everyone Grows.

We want to educate, inspire and communicate the outstanding value of quality education. We start at home. Giving a continuing learning path for our team members where they can have new opportunities for development and advance education to grow as a professional and within the Imagination Team.


We aim to turn your experience at the imagination factory into lifetime memories!


Enrollment process


Welcome! We appreciate your interest in the imagination Factory.


Families who are interested in applying to our program should complete our Request form.


Please contact our office if you have any questions or comments, or suggestions how we might improve this process for you.


We look forward to getting to know you and your family.




Working at Imagination


Exceptional teachers deeply committed to each child’s growth create the vibrancy of this educational community.


if you are curious, imaginative,  able to discover more talents and passions with a commitment to educate in a caring and creative environment,ready to test your abilities in new experiences and very happy you should send us your resume to

Taking a real tour, talking with the imagination team, seeing our playrooms and workshops in action will give you a sense of what the imagination factory’s experience it is all about.




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